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Providing virtual design services to industry professionals



Who We Are

Seabrook Design Co. was created to help thriving industry professionals during a booming market. Founder and designer Savanna Thomas is the former Senior Designer of a multi-million dollar remodeling company based in Metro Atlanta. When her husband's career brought the Thomas' to Charleston, South Carolina, Savanna saw it as an opportunity to step out on her own. Seabrook Design Co. was then formed. 

Savanna has a degree in Interior Design but specializes in kitchen and bath. Since it's formation, Seabrook has been able to be a part of many wonderful projects. Savanna enjoys what she gets to do every day and loves knowing she is assisting others in the industry.

What We do

Simply put, we use Chief Architect Premier Software to create digital floor plans, 3D Renderings, Cabinet Plans and Construction Documents for our clients. We take your designs and bring them to life, for you! Each project is tailored to your unique needs and no two services provided are the same.

Our process usually starts with an email, but this can vary by project. Our clients send over a detailed email describing the project and type of services they are requesting from us. We ask that clients include any dimensions, hand drafted floor plans, .dwg files, .plan files, selection sheets, recording from prior project meetings or any other information they believe will successfully help us complete the requested scope of work.

How We Work

Pond Seabrook.jpg

Savanna Thomas, Owner | Designer

Once you send us all the details, we take some time to review the project in great detail, ask you any questions we feel necessary and then formulate a service quote. We then send our service quote over for your review and approval. Once a quote is approved, we get to work! Different types of projects require different levels of urgency. We ask that you always communicate with us project urgencies and deadlines. Oftentimes, our clients will send us multiple projects at once. When this happens, in our mind they are all equally as important. However, you know these projects and their priority better than we do. We want to make sure that things are getting done in your preferred order and to your liking. We believe transparency and communication are key to making this happen and creating a  good working relationship!

Level of Involvement

Our level of involvement in your projects is completely up to you. You are more than welcome to let your clients know that we are a third-party company helping out and involve us in any communication that you think is important to the project we are working on. However, majority of our clients like for us to function as a "ghost designer" and be strictly behind the scenes. When 'ghost-mode' is engaged, we do everything we can to make our work reflect the style of your company. We know that you have worked hard to create a brand specific to your own identity. That's why we place great emphasis on making sure the work we do for you is consistent with your brand. We use colors, fonts, logos and other visual elements to make sure that our work is your work. You will never find our company name on anything we do for you, only yours. We aren't here to take any credit; we are here to help your brand grow and flourish!


We believe in...

We believe in honesty and integrity.

We believe in quality.

We believe in communication.

We believe in community.

We believe in you!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Seabrook Design Co. We look forward to working with you!




Two - Dimensional Drafting

Meetup with interior designer

Final Design Documents


Three - Dimensional Rendering

Laptop and Diary Topview

Process Development

Modern Kitchen

Detailed Cabinet Plans

Design Sketch Desktop




Payment options to fit your needs


Projects can be charged by the hour. Please contact us directly for our hourly rate and an estimate on your project!


Projects can be quoted and billed using a flat fee method. This cost is calculated by evaluating the complexity of the project along with taking into consideration the estimated amount of hours we believe it will take us to complete. Please reach out to us for more information on flat flee quoting!


Monthly subscription packages are available to you as well! By signing up for a monthly subscription, you receive a set number of service hours per month to be used at any time.  This cuts out the process of quoting each individual project. Oftentimes, the subscription package will save you time and money. Contact us for more information on our subscription package options today!



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